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Utilities across the country are casting a long shadow over Americans who go solar by attacking a little-known consumer right called net metering. These monopoly interests are standing in the way of American ingenuity and customer choice to protect their old way of doing business. Our economy thrives on innovation and competition. It’s time for them to join their customers in the 21st century by supporting rooftop solar.

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Fair Credit for Solar

Like rollover minutes on a cell phone bill, net metering gives renewable energy customers full credit on their utility bills for the excess clean power they deliver to the grid. This simple credit system is one of the most important state policies for empowering Americans to generate their own power from the sun.

By encouraging private investment in valuable solar power when and where it's needed most, net metering benefits solar and non-solar customers alike.

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Ingenuity and Choice vs. Old Monopoly Interests

Low cost and widespread availability means that Americans are going solar in record numbers. It’s great news for consumers, but many utilities increasingly view this competition from solar as a threat to their old way of doing business. These power companies make their profits by building centralized power plants and transmission, and individual investment in solar power reduces our need for both. Utilities are working to maintain their monopoly hold on our power supply by taking aim at net metering, one of our most important solar customer rights.

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Net Metering by the Numbers

43 states & DC have net metering policies in place

360,000 solar rooftops nationwide

143,000 Americans work in the solar industry

4 mins Every four minutes a new American solar project is installed