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Rooftop solar is a classic California success story - epitomizing the spirit of innovation, progress and leadership that makes the state great. Net metering is one of the most important reasons for that solar success, but now its future is in question . . .

Net metering currently ensures that California families, businesses, schools and public agencies that go solar receive fair credit on their utility bills for the valuable clean power they deliver to the grid. This year, the PUC will decide what the net metering rules will be for customers who go solar after the current program sunsets. The three big California utilities are making no secret that they want to end net metering. Just like in so many other states, utilities are trying to block the growth of rooftop solar because they see it as a threat to their old way of doing business. 

But the interests of a few monopoly utilities shouldn't outshine the rest of us! Many stakeholders are urging the CPUC to protect net metering and continue to build on California's great solar success story. Add your voice by signing our petition!

Stakeholder Sign-on Letters: 

Organizations Representing Social Justice Issues and Communities of Color 

Local Government Officials

School Officials & School Employees

Faith Communities 

Net Metering Works for California

250,000 solar rooftops

$92 M in annual grid benefits

54,700 solar jobs statewide

2/3 of new solar homes are in middle and low income neighborhoods