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Colorado PUC net metering decision press statements:

On Jan 29, 2014, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved a motion from the Colorado Energy Office that will keep net metering, one of the state’s most successful solar programs, in place for the near term and provide an opportunity for a diverse stakeholder discussion about the future of rooftop solar in Colorado. Learn more about the details in our press release here.

Today’s PUC decision was widely supported by businesses, environmental groups and other Colorado stakeholders, including:

Annie C. Lappé, Deputy Director of Vote Solar“This decision means that we will have the opportunity to shine light on the true benefits of net metering and give all stakeholders an opportunity to weigh in on the future of rooftop solar in Colorado. We thank the PUC for their leadership on this important solar issue, and look forward to making sure that Colorado’s solar customers continue to get a fair deal.”

Carrie Cullen Hitt, Sr. Vice President of State Affairs, SEIA“Given the importance of this issue to consumers all across the state, SEIA appreciates the Colorado PUC Commissioners’ decision to grant the CEO Motion to sever net metering issues. We look forward to having a dedicated proceeding to discuss the benefits and costs associated with net metering.”

Edward Stern, Executive Director, Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association"The vast majority of Coloradans want rooftop solar to be more available and more affordable. This is truly about power to the people. This decision today helps ensure a thoughtful discussion about the value of rooftop solar. We appreciate the Colorado Energy Office and the Public Utilities Commission’s action on this issue."

Meghan Nutting, spokesperson for The Alliance for Solar Choice“We commend both the PUC and the Governor’s Energy Office for leading on this important issue and recognizing that net metering plays a critical role in Colorado’s solar growth. We look forward to joining other stakeholders in transparent workshops, and we encourage an inclusive new docket to assess the value rooftop solar delivers to Coloradans and the state’s economy.”

Bryce Carter, organizer for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal to Clean Energy Campaign“Coloradans deserve the right to access clean, affordable energy and harness the power of sunshine that falls on our rooftops across our state. Xcel’s proposal to cut rooftop solar threatens to not only deny these common-sense rights to Colorado consumers, but also stifle the growth of clean, affordable energy that is creating jobs and opportunities for local Colorado residents. It’s time we stand up for the rights of Colorado families, schools, businesses, and residents by denying Xcel’s unjust proposal. ”

Kim Stevens, Campaign Director, Environment Colorado“Rooftop solar represents a huge opportunity for Colorado to harness pollution free energy with no fuel costs.   We cannot roll back one of the most successful solar programs.  Net metering is a fair and appropriate way to compensate people for energy they provide for Colorado's electric system."

The Reverend Elias D. Burgos, Executive Director, Colorado Interfaith Power and LightThis Xcel Energy initiative that seeks restructuring credits for rooftop solar is not just a disagreement about business models; it is about who has access to distributed solar and attempting to diminish the benefits of solar power. We believe that every consumer who wants solar should have access to it. Colorado residents are becoming more aware of the benefits of solar energy because we care about our environment, our way of life and the future of Colorado. Solar power clearly avoids air emissions and water consumption, and rooftop solar provides the added benefit of transmitting power that is produced locally.”

Brett Hunt, a veteran of the war in Iraq and the Colorado Spokesman for Operation Free: “Our future national security is directly linked to our ability to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and produce secure, clean and local energy. Private investment in rooftop solar is helping build that cleaner, safer and more resilient energy supply here in Colorado. Operation Free supports clearing the way for more Coloradans to harness homegrown solar energy and removing unnecessary barriers to solar adoption.”

Duane Lujan, Owner, Rocky Mountain Brewery based in Colorado Springs "We here at Rocky Mountain Brewery do believe in utilizing whatever resources we have at our disposal. Anything that can help reduce our footprint and make us more efficient today and tomorrow we will continue to explore our options and implementation to our process. I feel more people need to focus on these and future solutions. I can't imagine a company out there would not like to reduce their costs and reduce industrial impact."