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State law places a low cap on net metering participation, after which utilities are no longer required to give new solar energy customers fair, full credit on their power bills.

Schools and local governments are already hitting their cap, with private businesses not far behind. Massachusetts should not be limiting rooftop solar growth!

We need state lawmakers to raise this arbitrary cap on solar rights and keep Massachusetts solar shining.


Poll: 70% agree solar is important to Mass economy (source: SEIA)

Fact Sheet: Solar in Massachusetts (source: SEIA)

Report: Mass Cities & Towns Lead the Way on Clean Energy (source: Env Mass)

How Much Net Metering is Left? Track Allocations Remaining Under the Cap (source: Mass ACA)

Solar works for Mass

440 MW of total solar installed

6,400 solar jobs statewide

4th in the nation for solar growth

$476 M invested to put solar on homes and businesses in 2012