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Now the state's largest utility, Duke Energy, has stated publicly that it wants to weaken the state's net metering program for rooftop solar. The utility is working to keep its own monopoly grip on electricity by making solar power a bad deal for its customers. North Carolinians deserve better. 

If you live in North Carolina, speak up for your solar rights by signing our petition!


Study: Rooftop solar benefits outweigh costs by 30% in Duke NC territory (source: Crossborder Energy)

Census: 2,422 North Carolina solar jobs (source: NCSEA)

Polling: 88% of NC voters support using solar to meet the growing electricity of residences and businesses (source: Fallon Research)

Report: NC's Vast Untapped Commercial Rooftop Solar Opportunity (source: Environment NC)

Report: North Carolina receives a "C" grade in net metering (source: Freeing the Grid) 

Duke's own former CEO Jim Rogers says he'd do it differently if he started over today: he'd "want the solar on the rooftop." (source: EnergyBiz)

Solar works for North Carolina


2,422 solar jobs in 2013

$1B in local economic activity in 2013 

9 in 10 NC voters support solar

5th in the nation for solar overall